Twitter chat on population management hosted by Dainik Jagran (Janhit Jagran)

Dainik Jagran which started in 1942, has a readership of 5.59 cr and is the second-largest newspaper in India by circulation and the largest read newspaper’s for 21 years in a row. With 37 editions in 11 states, it has been voted as ‘Most credible news source” by BBC-Reuters survey. Dainik Jagran’s initiative Janhit Jagran hosted a Twitter chat on human resource management a subset of their population management domain.

Janhit  Jagran approached Mahesh Ranade to share the views about human resource management for the twitter chat session. After that a date was scheduled for the event based on availability and the event details as well as the creative’s were posted on their twitter handle as well as Dainik Jagrans’ newspaper platforms like social media as well as print media  promoting the event. The event was also promoted on Yuva Parivartan social channels as well as the website.

The stage was set between 2 experts Mr. Mahesh Ranade, (CEO, Yuva Parivartan) and Kamal Seth (Founder, Human Circle).

The 140 characters responses offered Mr. Ranade the opportunity to give short, clear answers as to population as well as human resource can be managed better by providing life-skills in schools as well as underprivileged dropouts.

As soon as the chat session was started tweet with various questions started flooding in on Janhit Jagran twitter page, and a drastic question was asked by Swapnil, “Would the world benefit from a global epidemic?” Mahesh Ranade, replied saying that it would be a prohibitively costly affair and will disable the population.

There were queries in Hindi too, considering most of the readers of Dainik Jagran are Hindi speaking and the reply was provided in Hindi too.

Another user Jai Pandit had a really interesting query saying” Illiteracy, poverty and over population goes hand-in-hand. How can we tackle this?” To which Mahesh Ranade quickly replied, “Through awareness from school level and livelihood-oriented education”, which is very much Yuva Parrivartan is all about providing livelihood skills to school dropouts and under-privileged.

Then there were queries related to blame game and Mahesh Ranade rightly mentioned that we the people (society) are equally responsible as well as the government for the current issues we are facing.

Overall it was fruitful 75 minutes session, where right questions were asked and satisfactory answers provided which were re-tweeted by many of the Janhit Jagrans’ followers. It also showed that people are aware of the population issue the country is facing and actively looking for the solutions.  Moreover people agreed that skilling and sex education should be provided and schools and more should be done to reach out the rural masses.

Yuva Parivartan with its mobilization camps and community meetings is doing its bit to reach out the people in rural areas and providing vocational skills so that they can earn a living for them and their family.

The event was also covered in Dainik Jagran Delhi/NCR publication.



9 Reasons To Volunteer at an NGO in India | Yuva Parivartan

1. Make Use of Your Passion!

Its good to feel strongly about something be it the quality of education or lack of security for women. But why not use that passion? Go out there and make the change!

2. Be the ultimate winner.

Winning an award for being the best employee at office or being the best student at school is all great. But when you realise you’ve made a difference in the lives of many, thats when you feel on top of the world. When one of your less fortunate students or beneficiaries come up to you to thank you for being there for them, you will realise you have won the biggest award you could ever get.


3. Spend your Saturday mornings better.

WRONG! We are wired in a way that 8 hours of sleep is more than enough. Instead of lazing around or spending your mornings surfing through Facebook, do something you would be proud of and transform the nation. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for it, just spare a Saturday morning.

4. Get Inspired!

Once you are at an NGO, you are bound to be inspired in some way or the other; either by your colleagues, the students you teach, etc. You will find people who have sacrificed the so called “meaningful” corporate life for a greater meaning here- so there has to be something more than meets the eye. Find out!

5. Learn a lot.

Take away tons of experiences and learning by just sparing a few hours of your life and volunteering. Next time you find yourself in a heated debate about vocational training, the education sector or the NGO sector be rest assured that you will be the “Arnab Goswami” in that face-off.

6. Service to Humanity is Service to God~Swami Vivekananda

Sleep a little easier knowing that you’ve done your part. Rather than chanting hundreds of rituals, help others in whatever way you can. Make a statement to the world.

7. Discover Yourself!

Leadership qualities, organisational abilities, networking capabilities, compassion…never underestimate yourself for you might have all these. Give yourself a chance and discover yourself. YES YOU CAN!

8. Stand out of the crowd.

Be the change you want to see; don’t sermonise (we Indians tend to do that a lot). Touch the lives of the people who need it the most. One hour of your Saturday is not that great to lose but there are people who will value this one hour for the rest of their lives. The one hour you give might not mean a lot to you but the appreciation you earn in return will make a huge difference to you. Are you someone who is missing out on this? Then volunteer now!

9. Be a human being.

“Khud ke liye toh janwar jeete hain, dusre ke liye bhi toh jeeke dekho. Insaan kehlate ho toh kuch pal insaan ban ke toh dekho.”
Spare a few hours as a human being by volunteering.

Vikas Dixit – School Drop out to Successful Entrepreneur

A  few years back, Vikas Dixit dropped out of school due to unavoidable reasons but now, he has a full time job and  is also an entrepreneur.

Vikas Dixit - Yuva Parivartan

In Caption: Vikas Dixit – From a school drop-out to becoming a successful entrepreneur

After dropping out of school in 2010, Vikas tried looking for a job but was unsuccessful in finding one.

Through one of our community partnerships, Vikas came to Yuva Parivartan. He realized that, having a skill is important in  acquiring a fixed paying job. Hence, he joined the AC repairing and the English Speaking course. Finally, Vikas succeeded in getting a job as an AC maintenance in charge with a fix pay in a local hospital that assured him a future.

With the inflation rates touching the sky, Rs. 6000 wasn’t enough to support his parents and younger brother.

He started looking for new sources of income and he stumbled upon the YP “Entrepreneurship Development”  program.  After learning about the basics of entrepreneurship, he started taking independent service contracts with a help of a friend.

His contractual business earns him Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 every month.

To  everyone’s surprise, Vikas found the courage to start studying again. He has just appeared for his Xth Standard exam and plans to learn advanced AC repairing in the future.

The Yuva Parivartan Team is very proud of Vikas and wishes him all the luck for this future ventures.

The Horizon and Beyond!

Yuva Parivartan, an NGO which aims to empower and develop the youth into a fruitful resource for the nation, has been taking giant strides in this direction in the last few years. With commendable achievements to its credit, Yuva Parivartan prides itself on reforming the lives of many school dropouts, both male and female. They have achieved this through their vocational training centres, providing training in various skills to enable youth to become economically independent through self employment.

At ‘Kshitij-Go Beyond’,the recently concluded fifth Annual Conference of Yuva Parivartan held in Vasai from 28th to 31st March 2012, they re-iterated this commitment, flagging off their new campaign of ‘Orbit Change’. Through this they aim to spread their network to fifteen provinces of India and train over four lakh youth.

Over three hundred members of the organisation from all over the country came together at this conference which was inaugurated by Mr. Babu Joseph, Director and CEO of Axis Bank Foundation.

At the event, Mr Kishor Kher laid emphasis on renewed energy and commitment by members stating, “The mammoth task is ahead and YP must accept the challenges to achieve the goal that will position us as the largest NGO in the country working in the field of skill development”. The two day event included evaluation of performances of the members and working out detailed strategies for the future.Yuva Parivartan has achieved a milestone by providing skill development training to one lakh underprivileged youth in the year 2011-12.

Know more about us at

It is never too late for anything!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”
– Mary Robinson.

Life has never been the same for Mrs. Satyavati Jinna, after Yuva Parivartan came into her life. A resident of Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Satyavati was a trained and experienced beautician before she got married. She continued working post marriage but did not earn more than Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 a month. She felt that she was lacked certain skills, which prevented her from earning more.

It was only when she came to know about Yuva Parivartan’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme that her life took a turn for the better. She enrolled into the programme, where she improved her skills as a beautician with modern techniques. She also learnt how to set up her business in a professional manner. Aided by all this, Satyavati now earns a handsome Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 per month.

Yuva Parivartan believes in empowering the youth for a better tomorrow. We work hard to uplift the socio-economic status of the not so educated, school dropouts who find it difficult to make a living for themselves. Women can also make a significant contribution towards their family incomes and create a better life for their families.

Come forward, join us and help us lead the country into a brighter future! For more on our activities logon to

Hard work for a better tomorrow!

Mrs.Umavati Ganesh Doke of Ghatkopar comes from a joint family and was a helpless witness to her family’s dwindling resources. She always wanted to start something of her own, she had completed her training as a beautician but was not able to take a business initiative due to her family responsibilities and lack of knowledge. After joining Yuva Parivartan’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme, her life changed completely. It was through this programme that she came to know how to apply for loan, various bank policies, how to start her own business, how to interact with customers and expand the business etc. 
She now runs her own beauty parlour whereby she earns her livelihood and additional income to support her family.

Umavati Doke’s example is one of the many that Yuva Privartan has to its credit. We aid young people with skills and necessary guidance so that they are self reliant and economically independent. 

Our success rests on four pillars, the first being vocational training, wherein the youth are trained in different fields like Electrical Wireman, Multi skill Technician, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Motor Mechanic, Motor Driving, Tailoring & Fashion Designing, Beautician, Mehendi, Nursing, English Speaking & Life skills, Basic Computers, Retailing, Entrepreneurship, Cell phones repairs & domestic appliances repair, etc. The second pillar is developing leadership skills amongst the youth to address and solve community problems. The third is placement of the trained youth and the fourth is association with big corporate houses who participate as major share and stake holders.

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The hand that rock the cradles, rules the world!

We are all aware that India stands on the brink of emerging as one of the most powerful economies of the world. The country is surging ahead leaps and bounds in every aspect. In terms of women empowerment, India has come a long way, but still has miles to go. Women form the foundation of any society and play an important part in the economic development of the country.

A sizeable number of India’s population is below the poverty line which also includes women. Many of these migrate to cities in search of employment. These women, due to their lack of qualifications have no option but to work as domestic help. As domestic help, these women are often overworked and underpaid. Some of them are also subject to physical and sexual abuse.

Yuva Parivartan works for the welfare of such women so that they can become financially and economically independent. Our entrepreneurship development programs help women in acquiring skills for livelihood, and also guides them in getting started with their own business. Our programs train women in candle making, paper bag making, perfume making, among others. We also offer basic and advanced beautician courses. We have several success stories to our credit.

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