A proud wife, mother and an entrepreneur!

“Now my husband doesn’t need to borrow money from others!” exclaimed Vandana, once a homemaker. Her husband often fell short of cash to provide for her as well as their two sons. In order to pay their school fees he would need to borrow money from friends and relatives. Vandana accepted this arrangement reluctantly as she knew her kids deserved an education.

In November 2013, her life took a better turn when Yuva Parivartan’s social workers visited her village – Hiwarkhed. She was extremely impressed by the courses offered at Yuva Parivartan and enrolled herself in the beautician’s course. Since, Vandana had to take care of her sons; she decided to work from home after completing her course in February 2014.

Vandana Wakode Akot LDC

Soon, her neighbors and other friends started admiring her skills and started receiving a lot of wedding make up orders. It is been more than a year since she started and she now earns about Rs. 5000/- month. She says – “I can’t complain now. Life is beautiful and perfect! My husband respects me as we both have become the bread winners of the house, my kids love me as I am not only giving them the basic necessities but also am able to fulfill their desires!”

Her 10 year old son loves to help her around the chores while she is tending to her in-house parlor. Her younger son wants to become an Engineer while the older one, a doctor. Vandana is an extremely determined woman and will make sure she won’t leave any stone unturned to fulfill her sons’ aspirations!


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