An account of Krishna Koshti’s tryst with Yuva Parivartan

A lack of accomplishment in a child’s life can be disheartening for any dad. Krishna was merely a 10th pass and earned a paltry wage working at a local garment factory. His father wished that he helped support the family but Krishna was not qualified enough.

Krishna Koshti

During one of the mobilization programmes by Yuvaparivartan, Krishna came to know about the courses offered at –Yuva Parivartan’s Ahmedabad center. He joined the Tally course in Feb 2014, completed it in June 2014 and immediately got a job at Parle Elizabeth Tools Pvt. Ltd.(Ahmedabad). His employers felt that, he was a quick learner and could capture the company’s work quicker than others. In a span of 3 months, his income increased from 2000 to 7000. He is so inspired by Yuva Parivartan that he has decided to go back and pursue his studies. Next year, he would be appearing for his 12th board exams, followed by commerce.

Krishna’s father, a humbled man is extremely proud of his son. He encourages others in the community to enroll for a Yuva Parivartan course.

When asked about how he feels about this, he says- “It’s life changing”


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