Yuva Parivartan,Jaipur and their partner ABC consultants came together to implement something extraordinary and out-of-the box in order to support the SHGs.

Yuva Parivartan held an exhibition at Fairmont Hotel, Rajasthan in collaboration with their corporate partner – ABC Consultants. The Yuva Parivartan Livelihood Exchange (YPLE) team including the guide Mr. Saurabh participated in the event. It was an extremely fruitful experience for Yuva Parivartan Rajasthan staff.


Akbar, Haris and Kishor of Yuva Parivartan staff worked seamlessly to make this event a success and their efforts paid off. Consequently, they collected different items from SHGs of many villages of Jaipur district and different Remote Work Force (RWF) groups in order to display them. The response to the exhibition was overwhelming.

The exhibition left all the visitors appalled since the products were reasonably priced in spite of them being of a premiere store’s quality. The category of products was wide with items like bangles, dress and apparels (for adult and kids both), bags, jute work, handicraft items, materials made with rag, kitchen items (apron, Kitchen poster and many others)


Head of ABC Consultants, Mr Shiv Agrawal and CSR head Ms Jhanavi Trivedi offered their support throughout. Now, they are motivated enough to do this on a regular basis and are making a strong plan to increase the earning opportunity for RWF.

Mr Ankush Bhardwaj, Shiksha Khemani with the Delhi team, West Bengal team with their leader Tapas made it possible with their guidance and support!



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