Yuva Parivartan trains inmates at Alipore Women’s Correctional home

Keeping alive its tradition of working with the neglected sections of society, Yuva Parivartan recently started a training program with the prisoners at the Alipore Women’s Correctional home.

35 women aged between 16-40 years are part of this program. Most of them come from harsh backgrounds charged with crimes like physical violence and theft. Although these women are being rehabilitated and will be released in the next few years, they will always face a social stigma and difficulties in getting accepted into society. Yuva Parivartan wishes to give these women an opportunity to earn a living and sustain themselves with dignity after they are back in the mainstream.


With the help of Ms. Gargi Sinha Roy, a local entrepreneur who runs a boutique, Yuva Parivartan’s Tapas Chakraborti has organized the training of these women. They are being trained to make handicrafts like artificial jewellery, jewellery boxes and cloth diaries. The products made by these women will be sold at Gargi’s boutique and at local exhibitions. Yuva Parivartan wishes to help these women get a regular income through the manufacture and sale of these products.


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