“From an austere orphanage to the luxurious ‘Holiday Inn‘, Rosy Michael Dsouza – Destiny’s child!”

Rosy became a student of YP’s Youth Career initiative (YCI) by chance when one of her friends at YCI coaxed her into enrolling and she agreed, albeit non-chalantly. Though initially disinterested little did she know that the nitty-gritty of hotel maintenance was soon going to captivate her. She began her training at ‘The Trident – Mumbai ‘ where her mentors taught her the art of delighting guests. Her training shaped her into an extremely confident young lady because of which she landed a permanent position at the Holiday Inn Hotel near the Mumbai International Airport. Today, she is known for her hospitality, naturally charming personality and courteous mannerisms which earns her appreciation from customers.


Her advice to fellow YCI students is,
Pay attention to the training. Never skip a class as a lot is missed if you do! Take the course seriously and work hard, as this is a wonderful opportunity to make a succesful career in the hospitality industry
YP wishes her all the best for her endeavors. We won’t be surprised if she becomes a manager at 30!


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