“I can support my family now”


After dropping out of school in Xth standard, Farheen decided to take the bold step of joining Yuva Parivartan’s nursing assistant course and transforming her life. Now, 5 years after completing her course, Farheen is a trained pathology assistant in a reputed hospital.

In 2009, her mother fell ill and was bed ridden for more than 6 months. Compelled to take care of her ailing mother and her siblings, Farheen soon realised her responsibilities.

She came to Yuva Parivartan and joined the nursing assistant course. Impressed by her work and dedication, the hospital she interned at offered her a job.
Farheen has been working there since then and supporting her family. Last year, she went on pursue a specialized course and trained herself to become a pathology assistant. Now she earns 8000 per month and says “she can support her family now and also take care of her parents and siblings.”

She is thankful to Yuva Parivartan for the support and guidance they provided to her over the years. Farheen has been motivating other girls in the community to be a nursing assistant and start their career.


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