Yuva Parivartan’s Dedicated Grass Root-Hero – Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj has been with Yp for over 16 years and in fact was the first one to come on board. He joined as the timekeeper for the Balwadi and dental clinic.

Additionally, he was given charge of the equipments and rooms for various classes such as welding / tailoring / wiring / nursing etc.


Over the years, he has became the go-to person for the most and is a senior social worker. He is responsible for networking with the community and engaging with them on a regular basis. He started the Yuva Parivartan club to connect with youth. He also interacts with the Mohalla Committee for community affairs. In addition, he is also responsible for surveying and mapping specific localities for training and coordinate the special projects for prison inmates at Arthur Road Prison-Mumbai. Dheeraj loves all that he does at YP and is proud to be a part of this vibrant and rapidly growing organization.


“From an austere orphanage to the luxurious ‘Holiday Inn‘, Rosy Michael Dsouza – Destiny’s child!”

Rosy became a student of YP’s Youth Career initiative (YCI) by chance when one of her friends at YCI coaxed her into enrolling and she agreed, albeit non-chalantly. Though initially disinterested little did she know that the nitty-gritty of hotel maintenance was soon going to captivate her. She began her training at ‘The Trident – Mumbai ‘ where her mentors taught her the art of delighting guests. Her training shaped her into an extremely confident young lady because of which she landed a permanent position at the Holiday Inn Hotel near the Mumbai International Airport. Today, she is known for her hospitality, naturally charming personality and courteous mannerisms which earns her appreciation from customers.


Her advice to fellow YCI students is,
Pay attention to the training. Never skip a class as a lot is missed if you do! Take the course seriously and work hard, as this is a wonderful opportunity to make a succesful career in the hospitality industry
YP wishes her all the best for her endeavors. We won’t be surprised if she becomes a manager at 30!

Yuva Parivartan trains inmates at Alipore Women’s Correctional home

Keeping alive its tradition of working with the neglected sections of society, Yuva Parivartan recently started a training program with the prisoners at the Alipore Women’s Correctional home.

35 women aged between 16-40 years are part of this program. Most of them come from harsh backgrounds charged with crimes like physical violence and theft. Although these women are being rehabilitated and will be released in the next few years, they will always face a social stigma and difficulties in getting accepted into society. Yuva Parivartan wishes to give these women an opportunity to earn a living and sustain themselves with dignity after they are back in the mainstream.


With the help of Ms. Gargi Sinha Roy, a local entrepreneur who runs a boutique, Yuva Parivartan’s Tapas Chakraborti has organized the training of these women. They are being trained to make handicrafts like artificial jewellery, jewellery boxes and cloth diaries. The products made by these women will be sold at Gargi’s boutique and at local exhibitions. Yuva Parivartan wishes to help these women get a regular income through the manufacture and sale of these products.

Yuva Parivartan’s Beautician and Tailoring Courses Bag gold and silver status in L & T Public Charitable Trust Audit

Yp bags silver and gold

Our sponsor L&T Public charitable Trust conducted an audit on the Beautician and Tailoring courses at the Yuva Parivartan Bandra centre, in association with IFA (Indian Fashion Academy).

The audit was conducted on the basis of the syllabus, the faculty’s qualifications and method of teaching, as also the infrastructure and learning resources. They looked into the support provided and the progress of the students, and their employability after the course. Another aspect taken into account was lectures conducted by experts and the best practices followed. The other aspects they looked into were the promotion and publicity, the mobilization in the community, and events for local communities.

On the basis of the above findings, Yuva Parivartan was given a Gold status for the Beautician course and Silver status for the Tailoring course.

Conversation with Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Senior V.P. South Asia & Managing Director India for GSK

YP: Please share with us how you have been able to give of your time to this NGO considering your very hectic work schedule?

HJ: You can always give the time if you really want to, and my association with volunteer work actually dates back to my earlier work life. I used to work with Johnson and Johnson for 5 years in charge of their pharmaceutical business. I also used to lead their philanthropy programme. They had a very structured philanthropy programme, and I was the lead of the programme for 5 years, so you know my intent has always been there and YP is just one of the organisations with whom I am associated.

Hasit Joshipura

YP: How does GSK view the PULSE Volunteer partnership with Kherwadi Social Welfare Association?

HJ: It is viewed as a win-win for both GSK and KSWA. I think the kind of area in which they work is really livelihoods and skill development which is a very important need in India. Our PULSE volunteers give of their time to solving challenges at the NGO, and it is important for our employees at GSK to realise how privileged they are to be working with a company like GSK when the mass of people around do not have that same kind of opportunity. Therefore, when they get a chance to work with an NGO like KSWA I am sure that is an awareness that comes home blindingly, and they are changed by the experience.

Mahesh Talsawar, Tally Facilitator…. Developing Young Minds

Mahesh Talsawar

Tally Facilitator, Mahesh Tasalwar has been with Yuva Parivartan for two and a half years.  He did the MS-CIT computer training from a government institute and then the M.Com (Master of Commerce) degree.  The Tally Course teaches the students how to use the accounting software and  helps them get jobs/become employable upon completing the course.

Mahesh notes that as a trainer he faces the challenge of having students that are school drops outs so he has had to motivate them to do this course and to get jobs.  He is up to the task though, as he joined an NGO to do social work by helping these school dropouts to obtain a livelihood. Mahesh said “Yuva Parivartan helps to change the lives of these young people.”

“I can support my family now”


After dropping out of school in Xth standard, Farheen decided to take the bold step of joining Yuva Parivartan’s nursing assistant course and transforming her life. Now, 5 years after completing her course, Farheen is a trained pathology assistant in a reputed hospital.

In 2009, her mother fell ill and was bed ridden for more than 6 months. Compelled to take care of her ailing mother and her siblings, Farheen soon realised her responsibilities.

She came to Yuva Parivartan and joined the nursing assistant course. Impressed by her work and dedication, the hospital she interned at offered her a job.
Farheen has been working there since then and supporting her family. Last year, she went on pursue a specialized course and trained herself to become a pathology assistant. Now she earns 8000 per month and says “she can support her family now and also take care of her parents and siblings.”

She is thankful to Yuva Parivartan for the support and guidance they provided to her over the years. Farheen has been motivating other girls in the community to be a nursing assistant and start their career.