School Dropout Turns Master Mechanic

In 2000 a young student dropped out of a convent school, situated in Malad, after failing IMG_9166his tenth grade exams.

Chintan Mistry decided not to go back to school after the tenth grade. Instead he decided to take up a job. For a while, he worked with his father, helping him in his business of polishing diamonds. After that, he worked in a mall, in retail, for a couple of years.

“You’re interviewing me, is it going to come in a newspaper?”

IMG_9169 Subsequent to all of these jobs, Chintan told his parents that he had always and still wanted to be a mechanic. His parents had a friend who owned a garage so they told their son to go there and work with him. This friend owned a garage that fixed top quality sports bikes. Chintan worked there for a few years and then made a decision to pursue this as a career, thus deciding to do a course.

In 2009, after nine years of working, Mistry came to Yuva Parivartan to do a three-month courIMG_9165se in motor mechanics. After the course, he decided to start a business. So, Yuva Parivartan gave him a job as a motor mechanic facilitator in their Kandivali branch. He worked at Yuva Parivartan and bought a professional grade tool kit, with money that he borrowed from his dad and his grandmother.

“I am different from other mechanics because I was taught to use trays.”

After a few years, his father quit the diamond polishing business and bought a tailor shop. Mistry sat outside this shop and fixed bikes, with his toolkit, till 2011. In 2011, he decided to start his own garage with money that he had saved from fixing bikes. He bought a small 3×3 square feet garage, paying Rs. 2000 per month as rent.

“So, I’m finally getting married and I want to settle somewhere else, where I can rent IMG_9172a bigger garage.”

Finally in 2013, he opened his garage and is doing quite well. Now, in 2015, he wants to expand and get a bigger garage. 


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