Successful Entrepreneur in just 1 year

In just 1 year, Junaid, a 20 year old school dropout from Bandra transformed his life, after attending the 7-day Entrepreneurship Development Training at Yuva Parivartan.

Before joining Yuva Parivartan, Junaid worked at his father’s cloth store. He joined the training program to understand business development and increase his store’s revenue. After completing the course, Junaid says he realized that starting his own textile manufacturing unit in an area that has many wholesale stores would be very profitable.


He partnered with a friend and started manufacturing clothes. As expected, his garments started selling well. As demand increased, he had to hire a few workers at his workshop. He ventured out, made partnerships and started delivering products to many shops in the area. His business gave him a net profit of Rs 20,000 per month. After seeing an increase in the demand, Junaid started his second manufacturing unit in just 4 months. Now, he makes Rs 30,000 per month and has 6 employees working 8 hours a day to meet the increasing demand.

Junaid is not just an entrepreneur, he is a livelihood provider for many young tailors in the community. His journey has been very remarkable . His father and all of us at Yuva Parivartan are very proud of him.


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