Over the last three years, Yuva Parivartan has created 1000 self help groups (SHGs) across 50 villages in the Wada district in Maharashtra with the objective of making them financially independent.


These self help groups have 10 – 15 women each. The group heads are trained in leadership and financial management. The SHGs run the monthly saving scheme, through which all the group members save money with the bank through a common bank account. This money can be later used for emergencies by any group member or by the whole group.

While financial support helps women to get started, self sustainability can only be achieved, when these women start earning a livelihood.

With empowerment and entrepreneurship becoming the key focus for all ventures, Yuva Parivartan started training these women through community classes and camps in skills like tailoring and beautycare. Also as more than 60 % of rural women work in farms, our agricultural assistance course is also popular.

Yuva Parivartan has trained 2000 women in these courses in the last one year, and nearly 50% of these students have started their own ventures. Financial support for these entrepreneurs was generated through microfinance agencies and banks. As the nation progresses towards creating entrepreneurs at the local level and making rural India sustainable, Yuva Parivartan empowers Rural India with skill development and self employment at the grassroots’ level.


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