Successful Entrepreneur in just 1 year

In just 1 year, Junaid, a 20 year old school dropout from Bandra transformed his life, after attending the 7-day Entrepreneurship Development Training at Yuva Parivartan.

Before joining Yuva Parivartan, Junaid worked at his father’s cloth store. He joined the training program to understand business development and increase his store’s revenue. After completing the course, Junaid says he realized that starting his own textile manufacturing unit in an area that has many wholesale stores would be very profitable.


He partnered with a friend and started manufacturing clothes. As expected, his garments started selling well. As demand increased, he had to hire a few workers at his workshop. He ventured out, made partnerships and started delivering products to many shops in the area. His business gave him a net profit of Rs 20,000 per month. After seeing an increase in the demand, Junaid started his second manufacturing unit in just 4 months. Now, he makes Rs 30,000 per month and has 6 employees working 8 hours a day to meet the increasing demand.

Junaid is not just an entrepreneur, he is a livelihood provider for many young tailors in the community. His journey has been very remarkable . His father and all of us at Yuva Parivartan are very proud of him.



Over the last three years, Yuva Parivartan has created 1000 self help groups (SHGs) across 50 villages in the Wada district in Maharashtra with the objective of making them financially independent.


These self help groups have 10 – 15 women each. The group heads are trained in leadership and financial management. The SHGs run the monthly saving scheme, through which all the group members save money with the bank through a common bank account. This money can be later used for emergencies by any group member or by the whole group.

While financial support helps women to get started, self sustainability can only be achieved, when these women start earning a livelihood.

With empowerment and entrepreneurship becoming the key focus for all ventures, Yuva Parivartan started training these women through community classes and camps in skills like tailoring and beautycare. Also as more than 60 % of rural women work in farms, our agricultural assistance course is also popular.

Yuva Parivartan has trained 2000 women in these courses in the last one year, and nearly 50% of these students have started their own ventures. Financial support for these entrepreneurs was generated through microfinance agencies and banks. As the nation progresses towards creating entrepreneurs at the local level and making rural India sustainable, Yuva Parivartan empowers Rural India with skill development and self employment at the grassroots’ level.

9 Reasons To Volunteer at an NGO in India | Yuva Parivartan

1. Make Use of Your Passion!

Its good to feel strongly about something be it the quality of education or lack of security for women. But why not use that passion? Go out there and make the change!

2. Be the ultimate winner.

Winning an award for being the best employee at office or being the best student at school is all great. But when you realise you’ve made a difference in the lives of many, thats when you feel on top of the world. When one of your less fortunate students or beneficiaries come up to you to thank you for being there for them, you will realise you have won the biggest award you could ever get.


3. Spend your Saturday mornings better.

WRONG! We are wired in a way that 8 hours of sleep is more than enough. Instead of lazing around or spending your mornings surfing through Facebook, do something you would be proud of and transform the nation. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for it, just spare a Saturday morning.

4. Get Inspired!

Once you are at an NGO, you are bound to be inspired in some way or the other; either by your colleagues, the students you teach, etc. You will find people who have sacrificed the so called “meaningful” corporate life for a greater meaning here- so there has to be something more than meets the eye. Find out!

5. Learn a lot.

Take away tons of experiences and learning by just sparing a few hours of your life and volunteering. Next time you find yourself in a heated debate about vocational training, the education sector or the NGO sector be rest assured that you will be the “Arnab Goswami” in that face-off.

6. Service to Humanity is Service to God~Swami Vivekananda

Sleep a little easier knowing that you’ve done your part. Rather than chanting hundreds of rituals, help others in whatever way you can. Make a statement to the world.

7. Discover Yourself!

Leadership qualities, organisational abilities, networking capabilities, compassion…never underestimate yourself for you might have all these. Give yourself a chance and discover yourself. YES YOU CAN!

8. Stand out of the crowd.

Be the change you want to see; don’t sermonise (we Indians tend to do that a lot). Touch the lives of the people who need it the most. One hour of your Saturday is not that great to lose but there are people who will value this one hour for the rest of their lives. The one hour you give might not mean a lot to you but the appreciation you earn in return will make a huge difference to you. Are you someone who is missing out on this? Then volunteer now!

9. Be a human being.

“Khud ke liye toh janwar jeete hain, dusre ke liye bhi toh jeeke dekho. Insaan kehlate ho toh kuch pal insaan ban ke toh dekho.”
Spare a few hours as a human being by volunteering.