Prabhu – Diffident student to Confident Manager


In 2009, Prabhu was in a small village in Karnataka, he was in 8th standard. But, due to the demise of his parents that year, he was sent to Mumbai to live with his cousins. Prabhu was under a lot of emotional stress, which reflected in his behavior. He was very quiet in class and never talked to anyone. The Yuva Parivartan counseling department started mentoring Prabhu in order to rebuild his confidence.

After a few months of counseling and motivation, Prabhu made steady progress and has evolved into a mature young man.

He is now a canteen manager in Guru Nanak hospital, Mumbai and heads a team of 15 people. Those who know him, are amazed to see the huge change in Prabhu.

Prabhu is a source of inspiration and motivation to a lot of students in Yuva Parivartan. His goal is to start his own catering business very soon. We wish him best of luck for all this future endeavors.


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