Empowering with Technology

By 2022, India will need 500 million skilled workers. Currently, all the government organisations and NGOs together skill only 5 million youth per year. There exists a huge skill gap in our country that needs urgent attention.

The only way we can fill this gap is through technology. With broadband highways reaching people faster than the actual highways, technology has become a part of everyone’s life in cities as well as villages.

Yuva Parivartan has been working in rural India from a long time, and is well versed with the problems of setting up a brick and mortar vocational training center and providing quality training in rural villages. But,with the advent of technology, we can overcome these obstacles and work towards our goal of impacting 1 million youth per year by 2016. Just skilling youth isn’t enough, a significant impact to their life will be made by providing them a job, so that they earn a livelihood.

Generally when we look for a job, we can go to an employment portal like http://www.naukri.com or http://www.monsterjobs.com, but these portals cater only to the organised sector i.e graduated, trained professionals. But as 80% of the working people in India are in the unorganized sector, there is a need for a job portal in this sector also. Hence, Yuva Parivartan has started developing the Yuva Parivartan Employment Exchange (YPLE) portal. 

The YPLE portal will serve as the meeting point for employers and employees to connect across the boundaries of towns and states. Employers can look for employees in their region of interest and employees can look for openings in their town – city – state. The portal will carter to rural as well as urban youth. 

Nowadays, a young AC repairing technician in a rural village in Maharashtra cannot decide, if going to Mumbai to look for work is a good idea or no. But after registering on the YPLE portal, he can look for suitable openings in the city before taking this big decision. Not just cities, he can also find out whether there is an opening in the nearby village or town, saving a lot of money and time travelling to the city. Not only will the YPLE portal help youth to get employed, but also help them find self employment opportunities on the local level.

With the introduction of YPLE, Yuva Parivartan has become the first NGO to develop a employment portal for the unorganized sector. Truly, technology has provided the answer to one of the biggest problem we face in the empowerment of youth in this country.


You have really lived when you have done something for someone who can’t repay you

From the last 2 years, a set of volunteers from our corporate partner – Accenture have been teaching English to our students.

Our students, who are particularly school drop outs have learned a lot from them over the period of time.

Such social interactions – connecting different echelons  of society always end up teaching something new to everyone involved. While our students have learned English, here is what the volunteers have to say about their experience.