Nadeem Shaikh, the local hero shares his “Parivartan” experience

Our student Nadeem, has transformed his life and is a very successful business man and a source of inspiration for youth in his area. Here is Nadeem’s testimonial of his experience.

Nadeem Shaikh - How Yuva Parivartan helped me become an entreprneur.

Nadeem Shaikh – How Yuva Parivartan helped me become an entreprneur

“I am Nadeem Shaikh, 20 years old, residing in Patel Nagar, Bandra West. I have just appeared for my 12th Standard exams.

I came to know about YuvaParivartan from social workers visiting our area who informed us about various vocational courses available there and then I enrolled for the mobile repairing course and completed it successfully.

A little later I was told that an EDP program is going to be held in Yuva Parivartan hall and I thought that it was a wonderful opportunity coming my way and should attend that program. I learnt a lot about how to become an Entrepreneur.  This program developed my self confidence and prepared me very well to start my own business.

After finding a convenient location for a kiosk on the main road outside Patel Nagar, financial help from my friend and support from my parents I started my mobile repairing and accessories business about 5 months ago. I am earning a profit of Rs .8000/- per month and my customers are satisfied with the quality of repairs and the mobile accessories, despite stiff competition in the area.

In the community people talk about my success story and I tell them how Yuva Parivartan through the two programs has transformed my life and how they too can transform their lives. “


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