Yuva Parivartan’s Social Innovation Acceleration Program with Marico Innovation Foundation

The Marico Innovation Foundation held the 5th edition of the Marico Innovation Awards, on 25th Feb 2014 at NCPA, Mumbai. All the NGOs under the Social Innovation Acceleration program (SIAP) program were invited to be part of the ceremony and showcase their work to industry elites and dignitaries.The Marico Innovation Foundation in collaboration with their strategic consulting partner, Innovation Alchemy, started the Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP) in 2010. Innovation Alchemy helped Marico Innovation Foundation in identifying innovative social projects that have the capacity to apply innovation to take a leap into large scale impact, which led to the Yuva Parivartan “Mobile Camps” project in 2010.

Social Innovation Acceleration Program

Yuva Parivartan – Social Innovation Acceleration Program

With the help of SIAP, Yuva Parivartan increased its footprint and reached out to the remotest areas to train the unemployed youth in their familiar surroundings. The SIAP has helped Yuva Parivartan as an organization on the whole and to understand the methodology involved in taking innovative ideas forward. Under the “Mobile Camps” project, Yuva Parivartan has skilled and employed more than 150,000 youth in the country.


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