Danny Boyle’s Visit to Yuva Parivartan

Famous Hollywood filmmaker found his way to the Yuva Parivartan Bandra centre on April 1, 2014. He has been an active donor of Yuva Parivartan’s initiative in the last few years. After Slumdog Millionaire, he stayed back a little longer to understand the adversities faced by the people in India.


With the help of the “Plan India” project, Danny started funding 5 NGOs in Bandra. It has been a few years now, but he is always excited to learn more about our work and our future plans. He mentioned

“I can see a tangible change in the people of the community. People came up to me with confidence and answered my questions in English”.

He expressed his concern about the emotional stress these kids face everyday and was very happy to see the Yuva Parivartan Counselling Department start its very own counselling helpline to help students deal with stress, lack of focus, concentration and career planning issues.

He also spoke to students attending the beautician class and motivated them to work very hard and succeed in life. He stressed on the importance of the skilled grooming artists in the movie industry and how hard work and dedication can get you everything you desire.


It was a very uplifting and enriching experience for everyone involved. The Yuva Parivartan team is very happy to have Danny Boyle on board and wishes him the very best with all this future ventures.


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