Vikas Dixit – School Drop out to Successful Entrepreneur

A  few years back, Vikas Dixit dropped out of school due to unavoidable reasons but now, he has a full time job and  is also an entrepreneur.

Vikas Dixit - Yuva Parivartan

In Caption: Vikas Dixit – From a school drop-out to becoming a successful entrepreneur

After dropping out of school in 2010, Vikas tried looking for a job but was unsuccessful in finding one.

Through one of our community partnerships, Vikas came to Yuva Parivartan. He realized that, having a skill is important in  acquiring a fixed paying job. Hence, he joined the AC repairing and the English Speaking course. Finally, Vikas succeeded in getting a job as an AC maintenance in charge with a fix pay in a local hospital that assured him a future.

With the inflation rates touching the sky, Rs. 6000 wasn’t enough to support his parents and younger brother.

He started looking for new sources of income and he stumbled upon the YP “Entrepreneurship Development”  program.  After learning about the basics of entrepreneurship, he started taking independent service contracts with a help of a friend.

His contractual business earns him Rs 5000 to Rs 8000 every month.

To  everyone’s surprise, Vikas found the courage to start studying again. He has just appeared for his Xth Standard exam and plans to learn advanced AC repairing in the future.

The Yuva Parivartan Team is very proud of Vikas and wishes him all the luck for this future ventures.


Collaborating to create a better future for slum kids

Yuva Parivartan along with YCI (Youth Career Initiative) project  successfully mobilized, trained and placed 34 underprivileged young students from slums around Mumbai, in the hospitality industry.

Students with the hotel training staff, dignitaries and organisers

In the picture : Students with the hotel training staff, dignitaries and organisers

The convocation ceremony for these students was held on March 22nd 2014 at the Four Seasons Hotel, one of the nine 5 star hotels participating in this program. Dignitaries from other participating hotels – Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Residency, Courtyard by Marriott, JW Marriott, Holiday Inn, Renaissance, Trident and Westin were also present at this event.

The journey began last year when Yuva Parivartan and YCI project collaborated with the objective of offering the less educated and deprived youth in Mumbai, the golden opportunity of getting trained and placed in the prestigious hospitality industry of Mumbai and Delhi. Yuva Parivartan with its presence across the city’s slums was successful in mobilizing more than 400 under privileged and deprived youth for the training program.

After going through a six month training schedule designed by YCI in collaboration with the leading 5 star establishments in Mumbai; the second batch of students has successfully completed the training and are placed across esteemed establishments across the city.

Nadeem Shaikh, the local hero shares his “Parivartan” experience

Our student Nadeem, has transformed his life and is a very successful business man and a source of inspiration for youth in his area. Here is Nadeem’s testimonial of his experience.

Nadeem Shaikh - How Yuva Parivartan helped me become an entreprneur.

Nadeem Shaikh – How Yuva Parivartan helped me become an entreprneur

“I am Nadeem Shaikh, 20 years old, residing in Patel Nagar, Bandra West. I have just appeared for my 12th Standard exams.

I came to know about YuvaParivartan from social workers visiting our area who informed us about various vocational courses available there and then I enrolled for the mobile repairing course and completed it successfully.

A little later I was told that an EDP program is going to be held in Yuva Parivartan hall and I thought that it was a wonderful opportunity coming my way and should attend that program. I learnt a lot about how to become an Entrepreneur.  This program developed my self confidence and prepared me very well to start my own business.

After finding a convenient location for a kiosk on the main road outside Patel Nagar, financial help from my friend and support from my parents I started my mobile repairing and accessories business about 5 months ago. I am earning a profit of Rs .8000/- per month and my customers are satisfied with the quality of repairs and the mobile accessories, despite stiff competition in the area.

In the community people talk about my success story and I tell them how Yuva Parivartan through the two programs has transformed my life and how they too can transform their lives. “

International Students visit Yuva Parivartan

The Future Generations graduate school’s , class of 2015 visited the Yuva Parivartan Bandra centre on 10th March 2014. The class consisted of representatives from Afghanistan, Cameroon, China, Canada, Haiti, Libya, Somalia, and Zimbabwe and are part of the Master’s Degree in Applied Community Change with concentrations in peace building and conservation.

Students attending the Yuva Parivartan Introduction Session

These students  were youth advocates and peace builders working in the field of social transformation in their respective countries, and as part of their curriculum were on a field trip  to India.

Since most of their countries, faced problems similar to those in India, they were really keen on understanding how Yuva Parivartan is capable of reaching out to students and  bringing out such large scale transformation.

Mrs. Mrinalini Kher, talking to one of the participants

The Yuva Parivartan Prison program was highly appreciated by everyone and they wanted to try and work a similar model in their respective countries.

After their initial introduction to Yuva Parivartan and its work, the students discussed how the students are mobilized, motivated and then placed into the community. The session was followed by a field visit to the adjoining community, which gave a clear view into the problems faced by people and the grass root impact of the work done by Yuva Parivartan.

One of the participants said “ We all are so far away from each other(in our respective countries), but our problems are so similar. We all have a lot to learn from each other. Only unity and peace will let us all collaborate and lead to a sustainable future for everyone.”

Yuva Parivartan’s Social Innovation Acceleration Program with Marico Innovation Foundation

The Marico Innovation Foundation held the 5th edition of the Marico Innovation Awards, on 25th Feb 2014 at NCPA, Mumbai. All the NGOs under the Social Innovation Acceleration program (SIAP) program were invited to be part of the ceremony and showcase their work to industry elites and dignitaries.The Marico Innovation Foundation in collaboration with their strategic consulting partner, Innovation Alchemy, started the Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP) in 2010. Innovation Alchemy helped Marico Innovation Foundation in identifying innovative social projects that have the capacity to apply innovation to take a leap into large scale impact, which led to the Yuva Parivartan “Mobile Camps” project in 2010.

Social Innovation Acceleration Program

Yuva Parivartan – Social Innovation Acceleration Program

With the help of SIAP, Yuva Parivartan increased its footprint and reached out to the remotest areas to train the unemployed youth in their familiar surroundings. The SIAP has helped Yuva Parivartan as an organization on the whole and to understand the methodology involved in taking innovative ideas forward. Under the “Mobile Camps” project, Yuva Parivartan has skilled and employed more than 150,000 youth in the country.

Industry Stalwarts Agree on Need for Concerted Effort on Skill Development at Yuva Parivartan’s 4th Summit

Our  4th annual summit on “Transforming India – Breaking Barriers in Skill Development” at Pune  recently,  saw a host of eminent speakers share their experiences along with innovative thoughts and ideas.

Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, President of Global Research Alliance, kick-started the deliberations by stating that, the CSR framework needs to be co-operative and consultative.He said 

“Scale, Spread and Sustainability are important issues, and while financial resources are important, being resourceful is more important.”


Mr. Baba Kalyani, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd., spoke about the national manufacturing policy, comparing the performance of India with that of the US. He stressed that 

“It was imperative for the skill development plans to be executed well in order to make India a powerhouse in the manufacturing sector.”

Kishor Kher, President and Trustee, Yuva Parivartan, shared the vision of Yuva Parivartan and its focus on skilling school dropouts. He outlined the innovative initiatives such as Yuva Parivartan Virtual Academy and Yuva Parivartan Livelihood Exchange that will help Yuva Parivartan to scale up to train 1 million youth per year by 2016. Yuva Parivartan has successfully developed various sustainability models to reach out to the unskilled youth and train them. He emphasized  the need for NGOs to come together in order to reach out to 500 million unskilled youth in India.

Mrs Meeran Borwankar, IPS ADG Prisons, lauded Yuva Parivartan for its long term and sustained approach towards rehabilitation in different prisons of Maharashtra. She emphasised the need for many more credible NGOs like Yuva Parivartan to partner with the prison authorities to strategically work for the correction and rehabilitation of prison inmates.

In her valedictory address, renowned social worker and Rajya Sabha member, Ms. Anu Aga pointed out the need for an urgent collaborative approach to teach and skill the Indian youth.



The summit ended on an optimistic note with speakers in the valedictory session agreeing that India can be a progressive and developed country only when we start treating our 500 million youth as 500 million minds… and not just 500 million mouths to feed.

Over the coming months,The YP team will brainstorm and evaluate   all the interesting ideas shared and discussed at the summit and  initiate relevant actions , in its journey of skilling a million youth by 2016.

Danny Boyle’s Visit to Yuva Parivartan

Famous Hollywood filmmaker found his way to the Yuva Parivartan Bandra centre on April 1, 2014. He has been an active donor of Yuva Parivartan’s initiative in the last few years. After Slumdog Millionaire, he stayed back a little longer to understand the adversities faced by the people in India.


With the help of the “Plan India” project, Danny started funding 5 NGOs in Bandra. It has been a few years now, but he is always excited to learn more about our work and our future plans. He mentioned

“I can see a tangible change in the people of the community. People came up to me with confidence and answered my questions in English”.

He expressed his concern about the emotional stress these kids face everyday and was very happy to see the Yuva Parivartan Counselling Department start its very own counselling helpline to help students deal with stress, lack of focus, concentration and career planning issues.

He also spoke to students attending the beautician class and motivated them to work very hard and succeed in life. He stressed on the importance of the skilled grooming artists in the movie industry and how hard work and dedication can get you everything you desire.


It was a very uplifting and enriching experience for everyone involved. The Yuva Parivartan team is very happy to have Danny Boyle on board and wishes him the very best with all this future ventures.