Have Indian values taken a backseat?

India, as one of the largest democracies of the world is surging ahead to emerge as a supreme economic power in the coming decades.  With giant leaps and advancements in science and technology, infrastructure, education, etc. India will soon overtake many competing nations. However, on the flip side of it, the crime rate in India is also reaching new highs. It would be hard to find a newspaper today without a ghastly crime story on any day of the week. The big question is, what is leading to an increase in the crime rate in Indian society? Why is the morality of Indians dipping? Why is the value system of the nation eroding?

Terrorism has been haunting India for quite some time now. The Indian Government has succeeded in curbing the menace and restore some amount of normalcy in certain regions to some extent. However it is the day to day rise in crime that needs attention. Honour killings, rapes, child kidnappings, murders, flesh trade are reaching new heights each day. To add to this, our Indian politicians are too busy bickering amongst themselves for a power game, to pay attention to these issues. Indians have always been torchbearers of a strong value system, of principles, of truth. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand bear testimony to this fact. Then why are these values eroding. Why is it that the new generations are unable to carry forward the legacy of truth and righteousness?

As a contribution to today’s society, Yuva Parivartan, an NGO dedicated to the betterment of school dropouts is doing a phenomenal job. With a national presence, Yuva Parivartan imparts vocational training to youth who have dropped out of school and bear the stigma of being uneducated. Such youth often resort to criminal and immoral activities for a living. Yuva Parivartan not only trains such youth but helps them gain back their lost self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. Yuva Parivartan guides them at every step and ensures that these youth are either self-employed or are hired by some organization. An NGO like Yuva Parivartan is doing its bit in showing the path to disillusioned youth and averting the creation of criminals.

Join Yuva Parivartan in its efforts. Visit www.yuvaparivartan.org for more on our activities.


One thought on “Have Indian values taken a backseat?

  1. Indeed, while global leaders are challenged by this issue yuva parivartan is keen to bring the difference. I also wish to volunteer to motivate youths and add value to their life no matter how insignificant my contribution may be.looking fwd to the same.

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