Is India really moving towards a better future?

India, as the largest democracy of the world is all set to create a golden future for itself in the forthcoming millennium. There are several achievements that make India proud, like developments in science and technology, quality education, self-sufficiency in food and most importantly India has assessed its potential that it harbors for a glorious future.

However, the realization that India has miles to go when we encounter some harsh realities looms large. Some of these facts are indeed unnerving and are like stumbling blocks on the way to the golden future the country dreams of. Even after more than six decades of independence, more than 37% of Indian population is below the poverty line, which means that this huge part of Indian population goes to bed with an empty stomach. India loses 3000 children each day owing to malnutrition which made our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh admit that malnutrition is a “National shame”. Young kids die in large numbers due to elementary illnesses like diarrhoea. Health is an area of major concern.

India needs to focus on broader issues like nutrition, literacy, proper sanitation etc. that will automatically lead to improved health conditions of the poor. For instance, even after spending millions on the infrastructure of the cities, it does not help in getting rid of the garbage heaps which is quite an important issue and should not neglected. Changing governments and murky politics in the nation have side-lined these important issues which form the base of any nation. Instead issues like corruption, misuse of power, crime, etc. have taken the centre stage.

It is in the midst of all this cacophony, that Yuva Parivartan, an NGO that has dedicated itself to the upliftment of unemployed youth, is doing a mammoth task of bringing light into those lives. Yuva Parivartan is a leading NGO with national presence that helps school dropouts with vocational training and subsequent placements. Several socio-economic factors like, lack of resources, early marriage of girls, early motherhood, lack of intent, etc. that force young boys and girls to drop out of school, thereby restricting their chances of employability and a better and secured future. Yuva Parivartan is like a new ray of hope for such lives. It helps them in picking the threads of life and begin afresh. It’s workshops include not only vocational training but also guide them on ways of self-employment.

Yuva Parivartan is a group of determined people who have been putting their honest efforts since years, to work for a common cause, which is purely & solely to make a difference in the lives of the unprivileged youth.

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Lokpal, Black Money vs Unemployment, Poverty, Illiteracy?

Today, ‘Baba Ramdev’ & ‘Anna Hazare’ are two such names that conjure up a picture of protagonists fighting for a national cause. The two socio-political leaders are crusading for two different causes, Anna Hazare for the Lokpal Bill and Baba Ramdev to bring back all the black money stashed in foreign banks.

The two leaders recently joined hands to highlight their respective causes by fasting for a day.However, the alliance did not last for long and the two have finally parted ways and are following their issues in their own way – Baba Ramdev is seeking support of political heavy weights in the country while Anna Hazare has come out in open support of his teammates and launched a direct attack on the Prime Minister.

Leaders of stature advocating various causes come and go, but burning issues like unemployment, poverty & illiteracy still continue to plague the economy of the nation. These issues go unnoticed as they have become an integral part of the country’s economy and development takes place in the backdrop of these issues. There are thousands of young people in the country who are deprived of even basic education and hence remain unemployed. According to a report by UNESCO released in January 2012, two thirds of India’s youth are illiterate, though it is heartening to learn that the percentage of school dropouts has gone down by eight per cent. Lack of education and required guidance in the right direction limits the scope of earnings. Limited income often frustrates the youth, who in turn start engaging in illegal, criminal and immoral activities.

It’s here, where NGOs like Yuva Parivartan step into make a difference in the lives of such marginalized section of the society. Yuva Parivartan is one of the leading NGOs of the country,and has been working tirelessly for the development of such youth across the nation. Through its widespread network, Yuva Parivartan aids unemployed youth and school dropouts by teaching them skills so that they can earn a living and lead a life of dignity. These activities are done through various camps where the existing skills are enhanced or new training is imparted. The students are also encouraged to work independently on their own and given every possible support to set up their own venture.

At Yuva Parivartan, we light lamps to dispel the darkness from all such lives which have not experienced the joy and light of well-being. Come and join us in our endeavour. Know more about us at