Hard work for a better tomorrow!

Mrs.Umavati Ganesh Doke of Ghatkopar comes from a joint family and was a helpless witness to her family’s dwindling resources. She always wanted to start something of her own, she had completed her training as a beautician but was not able to take a business initiative due to her family responsibilities and lack of knowledge. After joining Yuva Parivartan’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme, her life changed completely. It was through this programme that she came to know how to apply for loan, various bank policies, how to start her own business, how to interact with customers and expand the business etc. 
She now runs her own beauty parlour whereby she earns her livelihood and additional income to support her family.

Umavati Doke’s example is one of the many that Yuva Privartan has to its credit. We aid young people with skills and necessary guidance so that they are self reliant and economically independent. 

Our success rests on four pillars, the first being vocational training, wherein the youth are trained in different fields like Electrical Wireman, Multi skill Technician, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Motor Mechanic, Motor Driving, Tailoring & Fashion Designing, Beautician, Mehendi, Nursing, English Speaking & Life skills, Basic Computers, Retailing, Entrepreneurship, Cell phones repairs & domestic appliances repair, etc. The second pillar is developing leadership skills amongst the youth to address and solve community problems. The third is placement of the trained youth and the fourth is association with big corporate houses who participate as major share and stake holders.

To know more about our activities and projects logon to www.yuvaparivartan.org

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