The hand that rock the cradles, rules the world!

We are all aware that India stands on the brink of emerging as one of the most powerful economies of the world. The country is surging ahead leaps and bounds in every aspect. In terms of women empowerment, India has come a long way, but still has miles to go. Women form the foundation of any society and play an important part in the economic development of the country.

A sizeable number of India’s population is below the poverty line which also includes women. Many of these migrate to cities in search of employment. These women, due to their lack of qualifications have no option but to work as domestic help. As domestic help, these women are often overworked and underpaid. Some of them are also subject to physical and sexual abuse.

Yuva Parivartan works for the welfare of such women so that they can become financially and economically independent. Our entrepreneurship development programs help women in acquiring skills for livelihood, and also guides them in getting started with their own business. Our programs train women in candle making, paper bag making, perfume making, among others. We also offer basic and advanced beautician courses. We have several success stories to our credit.

For a list of our success stories and to know more about us log on to


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