Restoring Faith!

Deep down even the most hardened criminal is starving for the same thing that motivates the innocent baby: Love and acceptance” – Lily Fairchilde

Wire-topped high stone walls, hard floors to sleep and sit on with barely a streak of sunlight, away from near and dear ones for months, no love, only harsh words – that’s what life is in a prison. Every human being on earth, irrespective of his social strata craves for love and acceptance. This holds true for each one of us, whether he is a child or a mature grown up adult. This also applies to the prisoners who are languishing in our jails for some crime they have committed months or years ago. They may be branded as criminals, but fundamentally they are all human and deserve a second chance in life, so that they can give up their criminal ways and lead a better life. We need to restore faith and confidence in them as individuals emotionally, psychologically and financially.

It has been observed that most crimes and criminals stem from the lower strata of our society. It is poverty, unemployment, lack of education that leads to misdeeds in society for which people become criminals and land up in prisons. This can be curbed only if people are geared up to be economically independent. For this they need to be trained in skills that will help them earn a livelihood.

Vocational training being one of the four basics of Yuva Parivartan, we undertake training courses in prisons to rehabilitate prison inmates so that they can start earning after they complete their sentence.

For those in prison, Yuva Parivartan undertakes rehabilitation projects through which petty offenders are counselled and guided so that they can return to a life of normalcy. We work alongwith the Mumbai police to rehabilitate these offenders and give them a chance at a better future.

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