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About Yuva Parivartan

What started out as a project to provide vocational training to school drop-outs in Mumbai, in order that they be given a ‘Second Chance’ has now become a nation-wide movement. Yuva Parivartan (YP), a project of the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA) reaches out to youth on the margins of society, providing them with life-skills and a means to integrate with the mainstream. Our country has long had the advantage of a young population as a resource, but with more than 80% of these youth not competing school, we run the risk of regressing. In order to fully utilize this ‘Demographic Dividend’ the need of the hour is a skilled populace. We have been working towards this since 1998 and have touched the lives of over a million people. Through our 80 Out Reach Centers we conduct courses in Welding, Electrical Wireman, A/C Refrigeration, Motor Mechanic as also women-centric courses like Nursing, tailoring, beautician and fashion designing. We also conduct courses in basic English speaking and elementary computer skills. We also run Mobile Camps in tribal areas where we conduct short-term courses in welding, wireman and tailoring.

Industry Stalwarts Agree on Need for Concerted Effort on Skill Development at Yuva Parivartan’s 4th Summit

Our  4th annual summit on “Transforming India – Breaking Barriers in Skill Development” at Pune  recently,  saw a host of eminent speakers share their experiences along with innovative thoughts and ideas. Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, President of Global … Continue reading

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Danny Boyle’s Visit to Yuva Parivartan

Famous Hollywood filmmaker found his way to the Yuva Parivartan Bandra centre on April 1, 2014. He has been an active donor of Yuva Parivartan’s initiative in the last few years. After Slumdog Millionaire, he stayed back a little longer to … Continue reading

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Social workers risking their lives on the job

Yuva Parivartan now spreads across 18 states in India. With the skill development camps expanding to deeper rural pockets of India, the challenges our social workers face are getting more serious every day. But these challenges don’t stop us from … Continue reading

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Can Indian democracy survive without corruption?

After sixty five years of freedom, India as a democracy is steeped in corruption. If you are tasked with keeping track of incomes and expenses of the legitimate kind, there’s no escaping the daily reality that you live in a … Continue reading

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Are Indian women safe in their own country?

Almost every day, we wake up to shocking incidents of crime against women that are reported in newspapers. Crime against women that include rape, dowry deaths, molestations, sexual assaults & murders are alarmingly on the rise in the country. Also, … Continue reading

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Have Indian values taken a backseat?

India, as one of the largest democracies of the world is surging ahead to emerge as a supreme economic power in the coming decades.  With giant leaps and advancements in science and technology, infrastructure, education, etc. India will soon overtake … Continue reading

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Is India really moving towards a better future?

India, as the largest democracy of the world is all set to create a golden future for itself in the forthcoming millennium. There are several achievements that make India proud, like developments in science and technology, quality education, self-sufficiency in … Continue reading

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Lokpal, Black Money vs Unemployment, Poverty, Illiteracy?

Today, ‘Baba Ramdev’ & ‘Anna Hazare’ are two such names that conjure up a picture of protagonists fighting for a national cause. The two socio-political leaders are crusading for two different causes, Anna Hazare for the Lokpal Bill and Baba … Continue reading

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Think, Act and Achieve!

The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity. – Benjamin Disraeli We all know that the future of a nation lies in its posterity. ‘Youth’, in India, forms a significant percentage of the overall population. They are the … Continue reading

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Yuva Parivartan – Winds of change

Yuva Parivartan(YP), one of the leading NGOs of India, has been working hard for the last few years to help the unemployed school dropouts. Yuva Parivartan imparts vocational training to such youth so that they become self-reliant and can earn on their own. YP’s entrepreneurship … Continue reading

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